Tailored Design


Eoghann undertakes a wide variety of tailored commissions. Bespoke designs start with a brief from an individual or company. Eoghann will explore who it is for, why it is being commissioned, what it is and where it is going. Drawing on the space, architecture or history of the wider area for inspiration.

      The conversation may start with an email, a visit to our workshop or face to face meeting with Eoghann.


      When designing Eoghann draws on decades of experience, an idea may come from a shape or feature seen in architecture or a landscape, or from exploring the history of the space. As this is developed layers are subtly added with meaning, materials, methods of making, movement and finish. Ideas are developed with sketching until a concept drawing is produced for the client. After discussion this is developed into the detailed drawings.

Below is a selection of bespoke designs Eoghann has undertaken over the years.


Public Commissions

The following starts with a recent large pubic space commission at Castle Menzies, Perthshire for the Menzies Clan Charitable Trust. The aim was designing a truly timeless Scottish design to reflect the castles evolved surroundings over the past 800 years while creating a functional piece displaying the weaponary of the clan's turbulent past.

glasgow style dresser.jpg

cabinets and wardrobes

The following is a selection of Cabinets and Wardrobes Eoghann has designed for clients. These usually aim to utilize storage while creating a beautiful feature to any space.  Tailoring each design to the space and the clients tastes to create a beautiful addition to any home.


doors and Architectural joinery 

The following is a selection of bespoke doors and architectural joinery. This underappriecated medium of design can transform a house. The built in pieces are designed to enhance function or space.  Eoghann has designed a variety of doors , in a range of styles. Tailored design in traditional leaded glass and a variety selected hardware.


Reproduction and Restoration 

 The following is an outline of some of the Reproduction and Restoration work Eoghann has undertaken. The most prominent piece being a reproduction of the 'chair for the musik room' designed by Richard Riemerschmid in 1898. Made of bent walnut with shaped legs. It became an iconic chair throughout European design. 


Legacy Whisky Boxes

 The following is a selection of the whiskey box ranges Eoghann has worked on for private and commercial clients.  Through his work for Samson's Joinery Eoghann has helped produce whisky boxes for some of the oldest cast whiskys in world.  


Typography and Artwork

 The following is a range of projects Eoghann has worked on. Through his interest in typography he uses hand picked fonts and historical scenes to enrich his designs. From his extensive research Eoghann has produced a variety of work from Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts graphic design, to revival medieval  Maps and Chronicles.


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