Public Commissions

This beautifully designed Castle Armoury cabinet which now resides in Castle Menzies, Perthshire. This piece was designed to reflect timeless Scottish Baronial design of the castle that surrounded it, while creating and visual and educational display.

Armoury Cabinet.JPG
Armoury Cabinet2.JPG
Armoury Cabinet4.JPG

          Eoghann has recently been working a large new pubic space design at Castle Menzies,  Perthshire for the Menzies Clan Charitable Trust. The goal was designing a truly timeless Scottish display cabinet to reflect the castles evolved the surroundings over the past 500 years while creating an educational piece to display the weaponary of the clans turbulent past. Made from reclaimed Oak and an Ash interior.


        Barrhead Benches: These benches where designed and made in partnership with Galgael - a charity doing vital work with the long term unemployed of Govan. The brief was design five benches to create a bridge between the curves of the concrete remains  of the former waterworks and the natural beauty of the plant life that has engulfed them. This was achieved through two curved benches through the traditional technique of steam bending to create the curved back ‘klinker’ boards – a process used in traditional boat building. The benches where made of oak, two of the benches with only part made. In collaboration with the local men's shed group we completed the benches. This resulted in a great community project where traditional skills are learnt and passed on.