Doors and Architectural Joinery

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By choosing a commissioned door you will have a truly unique door made for you. Second, if you have a period home, you'll get a more authentic design than you will find anywhere. See the examples of doors Eoghann has made and drawings of our own designs. Our exterior doors are generally made of oak, or Tulipwood, but they can just as easily be made of ash or Douglas fir or pine The oak is finished in an environmentally friendly natural oil varnish. Although it is a gloss finish, nature will ensure that it is matt within the year. However we won't supply an oak door which will be lashed with rain. Tough as oak is, it has a tendency to grow and shrink with moisture and it won't be long before the door won't close. Eoghann also has an in house paint maker who makes excellent exterior linseed oil paint, to any chosen colour.

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