From an early age Eoghann started working under master craftsman Doug Shearer, being taught traditional skills like wood-turning and knife making. This triggered his interest in woodwork and Eoghann started creating his own designs.  In his teens Eoghann was fortunate enough to get a summer internship with award-winning furniture designer Angus Ross. Through this internship Eoghann saw how bespoke design can bring together a balance between beauty and functionality to create fine furniture.


Dr. Samson was instrumental in Eoghann's design education, lending him books from his extensive library of Design and Architecture. By the end of Eoghann's first year at the business he was gifted over a dozen books as a Christmas bonus and expected to study them.  Due to ever-present historical influence and traditional skills used by Samson's Joinery, Eoghann quickly undertook the practice of hand drawn designs, using traditional drafting and rendering skills in a bid to echo the great designers of the early 20th Century.


With over 15 years’ experience in the renovation and restoration industry and through years of refinement and research Eoghann has found his passion, which is the driving force behind Eoghann Menzies Design.


Eoghann went on to complete an MA in European History at University of Glasgow. However he soon realized that his love for woodworking and design would pull him in a creative direction. Eoghann turned his hand to bespoke design and completed a furniture craftsmanship and design diploma at Glasgow City College. He then set up Eoghann Menzies Furniture in 2016.

While completing his diploma Eoghann worked under established Glasgow Arts and Crafts Designer Dr. Ross Samson. Gradually working his way up through the business picking up valuable skills and experience. Soon seizing the opportunity to create designs and submit them along side the master. 


Eoghann Menzies Design offers a carefully selected range of hand crafted furniture and tailored design and restoration services.